Just sprucing my homepage up a bit

Today I thought I’d take you take through a custom hook I made for a project I’ve been working through where the text changes every second, effectively creating a flickering word effect.

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useChangeWords displaying updated words
useChangeWords Hook


the useChangeWords Hook accepts a couple of parameters. An array of words that will be used to update the value that’s returned back from the useChangeWords Hook (wordList) and a value to determine the regular interval that the word returned from the Hook is updated to the next one in the wordList array (changeTime).

Creating The Counter State

Within the function, we first…

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The new bear on the state management block

Swapping out my ex for something a little more modern

React and Redux work in tandem to provide developers with a manageable, yet logical approach in storing, updating and manipulating global state. Through their architecture, it has become a go-to state management solution for many projects across all popular frameworks like Vue or Angular.

Now there are many articles that you can look through to understand the infrastructure behind Redux but for you, I’ll summarise briefly how it works so you’ll be able to understand why I made the switch from it.

In a nutshell, there are three terms to…

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Custom Cursor locked to a nav item

Let’s take a minute to appreciate just how useful the mouse cursor is. It’s empowers a considerable amount of functionality from scrolling through websites clicking on websites, yet it looks so pedestrian, just sitting on the screen as a little white/black arrow, that turns into a hand when you hover over links. A little boring and certainly a boon when attempting to provide some interactivity within key areas of a website. So, in an attempt to breathe new life into one of my own projects, I designed a Custom Cursor hook.

useCursor Hook

The hook basically the big brain behind…

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React Hooks: They’ll gobble you up.

Today, I want to share my passion of the React Hook pattern that has revitalized my love for the React framework.

My journey with React has been spent few and far between, from rebranding most of my projects lackluster class-based components into fun and exciting functional components, experimenting with multiple third-party state managers (most recently zustand), and utilizing high order components to achieve reusability of components on a far better scale. However, my ferreted attention has shifted yet again after the addition of React Hooks, brought about in React 16.8. The functionality that hooks brought into my developing environment has…

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